Indian Constitution

Proposed Inter-State River Water Disputes (Amendment) Bill, 2017

With water increasingly becoming a scarce resource and the disputes related to river water sharing becoming so frequent and prolonging, the Central government has proposed to bring about an amendment in the current Inter-state River Water Disputes Act, 1956. The experience gained from the long drawn Cauvery water dispute among the states of Kerala, Karnataka […]


Proposed Prevention of Damage of Public Property Amendment Bill

India is a democratic country and therefore her Constitution gives rights to its citizen to protest but these rights are not absolute and are subjected to some reasonable restrictions such that these protests should be peaceful. Since independence there have been numerous protests in the country which were not peaceful and included a large scale […]

Montagu Declaration (August Declaration) 1917

Edwin Samuel Montagu served as Secretary of State for India between 1917 and 1922. On 20 August 1917, he made a historic declaration in the House of Commons defining the goal of British policies in India. In the previous month, he had made a scathing attack on the whole system by which India was being administered […]