Discuss in brief the importance of Mission Gaganyaan for a country like India.

Indian Space Research Organization will launch its first indigenous human space mission dubbed as Gaganyaan in 2022. Under it, three Indian astronauts will be taken to space on board Gaganyaan spacecraft by 2022.
About the mission:

  • Under the Gaganyaan schedule, three flights will be sent in orbit. Of the three, there will be two unmanned flights and one human spaceflight
  • The human space flight programme, called the Orbital Module will have three Indian astronauts, including a woman
  • It will circle Earth at a low-earth-orbit at an altitude of 300-400 km from earth for 5-7 days
  • The payload will consist of:
  • Crew module – spacecraft carrying human beings
  • Service module – powered by two liquid propellant engines
  • It will be equipped with emergency escape and emergency mission abort
  • GSLV Mk III, also called the LVM-3 (Launch Vehicle Mark-3) the three-stage heavy lift launch vehicle, will be used to launch Gaganyaan as it has the necessary payload capability
  • The mission is expected to cost around Rs 10,000 crore

Importance of Gaganyaan Mission:

  • It will enhance science and technology levels in the country
  • It will serve as national project involving several institutes, academia and industry
  • It will improve industrial growth
  • It will inspire youth, develop technology for social benefits
  • The mission will improve international collaboration
  • The mission would create 15,000 new employment opportunities, 13,000 of them in private industry

India need to develop the technological capacity for manned space flight .Even if the direct benefits of such advancement may not be as great in the short-term, this is a necessary longer-term investment.


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