UPSC Prelims Mini Mock Test: 591

Recently, Integrated Large Scale Eri Farming was launched in Arunachal Pradesh under North East Region Textile Promotion Scheme (NERTPS).  Consider the following statements with respect to sericulture in North East India:
  1. North East India produces both mulberry silk and vanya silk
  2. Majority of the silk produced in North East India is of mulberry type
Which among the above is / are correct statements?
Kachchatheevu, an uninhabited island, is a disputed territory between which two countries?
Consider the following statements about Ramman festival:
  1. It is a religious festival and ritual theatre of the Garhwal region of Himalayas
  2. Episodes from Lord Rama’s life are sung and narrated on this festival
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
The appeal from the Federal Court of India established by Government of India Act 1935 could be taken to__:
 Consider the following Tiger Reserves with states where they are located:
  1. Kawal Tiger Reserve - Telangana
  2. Sunabeda Tiger Reserve - Odisha
  3. Ratapani Tiger Reserve - Madhya Pradesh
  Which of the above is/are correct?


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