UP University Develops Device to alert Users for Social Distance Breach

A private university in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, has come up with a unique device that can be used to alert the users whenever they breach the required social distancing norms. The device is wearable and raises an alarm when the norms are breached and also when a user touches the face.

Details of the Device

The wearable device is affordable and it operates on battery. It can be used as a wrist band and whenever the user violates the required norms, he is alerted by an alarm. In fact, the alarm will be triggered once somebody comes within six feet of the person. If both the persons are using the device, both of them will be given a warning if the social distancing norms are violated. The device operates on battery and that is why no electricity is used for this.

The device has been developed by the researchers at the Amity University, Noida. This will work even if a group of people are coming closer also. The cost of these devices will be around Rs 400-500 and the option of the chargeable battery will also be there.

The main objective of this device is to cultivate the habit of sanitation and hygiene among people so that the long-tern safety can be ensured.  


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