Arsenicum Album: Homeopathic drug recommended by AYUSH Ministry

Ministry of AYUSH has recommended the Arsenicum album, a homeopathic drug. The drug has been recommended for preventive use of COVID-19.


The drug is made by heating arsenic in distilled water. This process of heating is repeated for three days till the water has less than 1% of arsenic. This is considered as the correct inflammation for the body. It helps of prevent cough, cold and diarrhoea.


Till date, the are no scientific evidences that the drug works against COVID-19. There are no large scale studies that have been undertaken to validate the use of Arsenicum album 30 as a preventive medication.

What is the issue?

Experts are questioning the efficacy and impacts of taking unproven drugs. However, the WHO during the outbreak of Ebola recommended that it is ethical to prescribe unproven drugs till potential anti-virals and vaccines are discovered.

Other measures

The GoI has been taking several other measures to find an alternate to Hydroxychloroquine. The Government of India has been taking studies on Ashwagandham and other Ayurvedic drugs to treat COVID-19.


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  1. Dr srikruthi

    June 5, 2020 at 5:53 pm

    Hydroxychloroquine is a allopathic anti malarial medicine but is currently using drug to treat covid 19 in initial stage it is also not proven drug but by trial and error method all are using ………but why ayurvedic and all AYUSH drugs not allowed to treat .


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