Triple Talaq Bill

After much deliberations and long discussions, the Union Government has finally been able to pass the much-touted and highly controversial Triple Talaq bill in the Rajya Sabha. While the NDA has the numbers in the lower house, it lacked the numbers to push the bill through the Upper house and hence, the passage looked doubtful.

However, the walkout of JD(U) and AIADMK MPs from the Rajya Sabha lowered the majority threshold and the bill was passed with 99 for and 84 members voting against the bill.

What is the Triple Talaq bill?

  • The triple talaq bill, also known as the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, seeks to criminalize the practice of granting instant triple talaq to a woman.
  • While the government claims that the bill aims to provide a sense of dignity and social justice to the women, the opposition and various minority advocacy groups have lamented the attempt as a move by the government to infringe upon minority rights and will be a tool to target Muslim men.
  • The bill was passed by the Lok sabha easily but the opposition attempted to stall the bill and refer it to a select committee.
  • The proposal to refer the bill to a select committee was defeated and the bill was separately passed in the Rajya Sabha.
  • Earlier, the practice of triple talaq was made unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in its verdict.

What happens now?

The bill will now be sent to the President after who’s signature it will become a law and be notified.


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