TRAI released new framework for broadcasting & cable services

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released new framework for broadcasting and cable services by amending interconnection regulations of 2017.


  • Regulation of 2017 provides a framework for technical compliance of conditional access system (CAS) and subscriber management system (SMS) in broadcasting and cable sector.
  • Framework is incorporated as schedule IX in Interconnection Regulations, 2017.

New Technical Framework

  • New technical framework is the first step in defining an indigenous set of specifications with respect to international standards. It will bring several important benefits to television broadcasting sector and consumers.
  • Under the new framework, Operationalisation and oversight of framework will be carried out through a testing and certification agency, which will be prescribed by authority later.
  • Working of CAS and SMS will be tightly synchronized, which will enable factual reporting of subscriber base.
  • It will also help in reduce revenue loss to stakeholders on account of erroneous subscription reporting.
  • Framework will usher in better content security across the distribution value chain which will pave the way for high-definition content to Indian television viewers.
  • It will improve end-to-end compliance and reduce litigations across service providers.

What is CAS?

CAS is which is a digital mode of transmitting TV channels using a set-top box. These transmission signals are encrypted and viewers are required to buy a set-top box to receive and decrypt signal.

About Subscriber Management System

SMS is a customer-centric care and billing solution which helps multi-play operators to beat competition and meet information technology challenges of serving full needs.


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