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Short Note : Agent Smith

In what could be the biggest security breach of the century, a new malware named “Agent Smith” has infected several digitally connected devices. How does it work? Uniquely, the malware does not appear to steal or violate any user data. Instead, it replaces the portions of the Android code with its own which allows it ..

ICANN and Nasscom collaborates to develop identifier technology

Global internet body Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and Indian IT industry body Nasscom has collaborated to develop identifier technology that can be used for managing devices and infrastructure using internet. Under the collaboration, both the bodies will focus on updating Internet of Things (IoT) devices using Domain Name System (DNS) even ..

Digital Shakti Campaign

Digital Shakti campaign initiated last year has been now rolled out in 11 states. About the Campaign Digital Shakti campaign is an initiative of the National Commission for Women (NCW) in association with Cyber Peace Foundation and Facebook. The campaign aims to make every woman digitally empowered. Under the campaign, training will be provided to ..

Ajay Data becomes first Indian to be appointed a council member of ICANN panel Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO)

Dr. Ajay Data from Jaipur, the Founder and CEO of Data XGen Plus, has become the first Indian to be appointed a council member of ICANN panel Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO). He has got a 2-year term and will take up the position during ICANN ‘s 63rd Annual General Meeting in Spain in ..

India and Net Neutrality

India has a huge internet market with over 243 million users, with more than 200 million of them operating the same on mobiles. Net Neutrality means that all traffic on internet is treated as equal by the service providers and there is no special charge for any specific service or website depending on content, destination ..

GOOGLE: 49% increase in the Online content censorship demands from India

  Internet behemoth Google registered 255 instances of India requesting for online content censorship, posing a sharp increase of 49% in the second half of 2011. India’s request formed part of 1,000 demands from governments around the world to remove objectionable materials such as YouTube videos, web searches, and blogs. India objected to 133 YouTube ..