Critically endangered

Uvariopsis dicaprio

Uvariopsis dicaprio is a newly identified tree species. It is the first new tree species to be described in 2022. It was discovered in tropical Ebo forest of Cameroon and is native to the region. The tree has been added ..



Odisha: Only state to have all three species of crocodiles

Odisha has become the only state in India to have all the three species of crocodiles. Key Points Three species in the state of Odisha are: Reptile freshwater Gharials at Satkosia in Mahanadi, Muggers in Bhitarkanika National Park and Saltwater ..


New Zealand’s action to save Maui dolphins

The Maui Dolphins are found only in the West Coast of New Zealand and no where else in the world. They are one of the smallest dolphin’s subspecies globally. There are only 63 Maui dolphins left in the world. What ..


Pakistan permits Dubai Royals to hunt “Houbara Bustard”

Pakistan recently issued special permits to Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum and five other members of their family to hunt Houbara Bustard during the 2020-21 hunting season. Key Highlights The controversial private hunting expeditions of Houbara Bustard by ..


Advisory for Human-Wildlife Conflict Management

The National Board of Wildlife recently approved advisory for Human-Wildlife Conflict Management. About the Advisory The advisory empowers the Gram Panchayats to deal with problematic wild animals according to the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972. It encourages to use the ..


Feminisation of Red Sea Turtles

The turtle population in Red Sea is turning female due to rise in sea temperature. A Team of researchers from the Saudi Arabia King Abdullah University of Science and Technology conducted a study. They selected five sites in the region that ..