Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

The team of Event Horizon Telescope wins 2020 ‘Oscars of Science’

The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) team  of 347 scientists  has won the 2020 ‘Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics’ for the first image of a super-massive black hole. The $3 million prize is also known as the ‘Oscars of Science’. The team produced the world’s first-ever image of a black hole circled by a flame-orange halo ..

Fundamental Physics Prize to Nine physicists

Fundamental Physics Prize has been given to Nine Physicist from across the globe. The prizes were given to the physicists for their outstanding contribution to the field of fundamental physics. Winners: · Prof. Ashoke Sen · N J Nima · Arkani-Hamed · Juan Maldacena · Nathan Seiberg · Edward Witten · Andrei Linde · Alexei ..

Physicist Prof. Ashok Sen wins The Fundamental Physics Prize (Yuri Milner Prize, Russian Nobel)

Prof. Ashok Sen, a theoretical Indian Physicist at Allahabad is one among the nine winners of the first Yuri Milner Prize which is worth $ 3 million, the biggest academic prize in the world in terms of prized money. The prized money is around threefold as compared to the Nobel Prize. Prof. Sen has been ..