Yutu 2

Yutu – 2 is a Chinese lunar rover that was launched to the moon in Chang’e 4 mission. It was launched in 2018 and it landed on the moon in 2019. Recently, the rover spotted a cube – shaped mystery hut on the far side of the moon.

What is the mystery object spotted by Yutu – 2?

The Yutu – 2 rover found a cube shaped object in the far side of the moon. A likely explanation for the object is that it can be a larger boulder that was excavated by an impact event.

Chang’e 4 mission

As the name suggests, Change’e 4 was the fourth lunar mission of China. The Chang’e 1 and Chang’e 2 missions were orbiters. The Chang’e 3 landed on the near side of the moon with Yutu – 1. Chang’e 5 mission brought moon sample to the earth.

About Yutu – 2

  • It is solar powered and propelled by six wheels.
  • The Yutu – 2 landed in Von Karman crater.

Yutu – 2 captured Lunar Ejecta Sequence for first time

In 2020, scientists reported high resolution image of Lunar Ejecta Sequence for the first time. The geology of the moon is called Selenology. The moon lacks true atmosphere. It does not hold any known actions of plate tectonics. It has a lower gravity. It cooled faster. Its surface was formed by volcanism and cratering.

Yutu – 2 Heater Unit and its Record

The Yutu – 2 is equipped with a radioisotope heater unit. The unit is used to heat the subsystems in the rover during long lunar nights. It set record of traversing for a greater number of lunar days. It continuously traversed the lunar surface for 11 days. Earlier, the record was held by Lunokhod – 1 rover of Russia. This was possible because of the heater unit. It takes 29 earth days for the moon to complete one lunar day or to complete one rotation around its axis. This means that the nights in moon are longer. Thus, the heater unit is mandatory to increase the functioning of the rover.

What is far side of the moon?

The rotation and revolution period of the moon are equal. That is, the time taken by the moon to make one complete revolution around the earth and the time taken by the moon to make one complete rotation along its axis is the same. This is why, the earth is constantly seeing only one side of the moon. The earth has never seen the other side. This other side is called far side of the moon.




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