The World Health Organization recently launched a COVID-19 mobile application. The application provides users with the latest updates on covid-19. The application is called the “WHO COVID-19 app”.

 About the application

  • The mobile application launched by the World Health Organisation will provide trusted information from experts at the organisation and regional partners. It will provide regular updates and notification about the scientific findings of covid-19.
  • The users can learn about the symptoms of covid-19 disease. The application also provides information on how users can protect themselves and their communities from the virus.
  • The application will also provide vaccine progress from the World Health Organisation and its partners.
  • It serves an altruistic purpose, meaning selfless concern for the wellbeing of others. The application provides information on how users can help in different ways during the pandemic.
  • The application is currently available only in Nigeria. However, the world organisation is working with the local stakeholders to make the app available in all countries and also make it more Geographically viable.
  • It includes information from local health organisations as well.

 Significance of the application

The unchecked spread of misinformation obstructed the reports of the World Health Organisation to fight the pandemic. This mobile application will make sure that only verified and scientifically accurate information reach the world citizens.

Other WHO COVID-19 Mobile Application

The WHO academy mobile application was developed by the World Health Organization for health workers in the fight against COVID-19. The application is called “WHO Academy COVID-19 Mobile Learning App”. It enables the health workers to expand their life saving skills to battle covid-19. The application provides knowledge resources developed by the World Health Organisation, tools, virtual workshops and training. These features will support the health workers in caring for patients infected by covid-19. It will also help to protect themselves during their services.

The app is available in seven different languages such as English, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian.




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