What is 3RF Framework?

3RF stands for Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Framework. It was launched by the United Nations to revitalise Beirut. The framework was prepared by United Nations, World Bank and European Union.

The Beirut Explosion

What is 3RF?

The Framework will assess the levels of incoming support against the needs of the population of the country. It will focus on the most vulnerable people in the country. Apart from recovery and reconstruction, the framework will also focus to address the root cause of the crisis.

The plan aims to reconstruct port facilities, rehabilitation of districts affected by the explosion and integration of the port facility with the city.


The revitalisation plan is to be supported by the Multi-Donor Trust Fund established by World Bank, European Union and United Nations. The funds are to be utilised for prioritised areas. The 3F Plan has prioritised health, good governance, education, housing, social protection, culture and heritage. The plan will pay immediate attention to the needs of small and medium sized enterprises.

The port facilities of the city are to be reconstructed with the key words “manage better, rebuild better and decide in a transparent manner”.


Lebanon is currently under high financial bankruptcy. The current poverty rate of Lebanon is 55%. It was 28% twelve months ago. In spite of the scenario, the necessary reforms remain blocked due to political instability.




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