What are highlights of Basic Road Statistics in India 2018-19?

Transport Research Wing of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways released its annual publication “The Basic Road Statistics of India 2018-19”, on the road sector. This edition presents information regarding different facets of road statistics across India, during 2018-19.

Important findings of the 2018-19 report include:

  • India has a network of more than 63,31,757 kilometres of roads, as on March 2019. This figure is second highest worldwide.
  • During 1950-51 to 2018-19, construction of roads under several categories has increased consistently.
  • From 2018 to 2019, it witnessed the growth of 1.9 percent, in terms of road construction.
  • Road transport dominated the transport sector in India. It contributed 3.06% to GVA as compared to total transport sector contribution of 4.58% for 2019-20. Share of Railways stands at 0.74%, Air Transport at 0.125 and that of Water Transport at 0.08%.

Contribution of National Highways:

National Highways accounts for 2.09 % of total road network in India. Total length of National Highways was 1,32,499 kms as in March 2019. It accounted for an increase of 4.9 % as compared to last year. States with largest network of highways (as of March 2019) are:

  • Maharashtra with 13.4% of highways network stands at top position.
  • It is followed by Uttar Pradesh with 8.9% highways network and Rajasthan with 7.8 % of highways network.

State Highways accounts for 2.8 percent of total road network in India. Maharashtra (17.83%) has largest State Highways network. It is followed by Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh. Together, these states accounted for 53.9% of total State Highways network in India.




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