US joins G7 partnership on Artificial Intelligence

The Leaders of Group of the seven wealthiest countries in the world had set up Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence.


The United States was not a part of the partnership initially. However, US is now joining the group to counter Chinese dominance in shaping international standards on surveillance and facial recognition at the United Nations.

The initiative to launch a global group on Artificial Intelligence was initiated by France and Canada.

US on the partnership

The US initially objected G7 partnership on AI claiming that focusing too much on regulation of AI would hamper innovation. It is important for the US to join the partnership as there are several tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Apple that contribute significant amount to the GDP of US. Also, the international standards set will affect these companies greatly. Therefore, it is important for the US to join the partnership.


The Group of 7 or G7 is an intergovernmental economic organization that consists of world’s largest economies such as France, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, UK and US. The group has more than 46% of global GDP.




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