US-EU AI Agreement

To increase the use of Artificial Intelligence in health care, agriculture, emergency response, electric grid, and weather forecasting, the United States and the European Union signed an agreement. The agreement will aid the government increase the use of Artificial Intelligence in their projects and collaborations. The application of the agreement is believed to be wide.

About the agreement

  • AI modeling is to be jointly used by the entities to increase the speed and efficiency of their governance. AI modeling includes mostly machine learning algorithms. That is, machines will be trained to do a certain process
  • Under the agreement, the entities are to focus on data management as well.
  • Entities will develop data-rich artificial intelligence models
  • Emergency responses and Grid management are the key target areas
  • In the electricity sector, the aim is to collect data and store them safely. The data here includes where the electricity is generated. How is the generated electricity used? How to balance the grid load?


The project will collect all the data and put them into a common pool. Several European countries have their own electricity generation and usage data. All such individual collections will be clubbed together.

Currently, only European Commission and the USA are included in the talks. In the future, the entities are planning to invite other countries as well.




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