US, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan to form QUAD group

United States of America, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan, have made a principle agreement to establish a new quadrilateral diplomatic platform with the primary aim to enhance regional connectivity. This QUAD group was announced by the administration of Biden.

Key Points

  • A new quadrilateral group is being formed by the USA, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan amid the escalating violence in Afghanistan due to the pull out of US troops from the country.
  • According to the administration of President Biden, this new QUAD group’s primary focuses will be on enhancing the regional connectivity and the country of Afghanistan.
  • The US state department has said that the parties have recognised this opportunity to open flourishing inter regional trade routes; the parties also intend to cooperate among themselves to build transit links, expand trade and strengthen business ties.

QUAD group meetings

The four nations have agreed to meet in the coming few months to chalk out the various modalities of this QUAD cooperation with mutual consensus.




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