UNGA Resolution Deploring Russian Aggression

The 193-member UN General Assembly adopted a resolution strongly deploring Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, just days after Russia vetoed a similar resolution on the increasing crisis between the two countries in the Security Council.


  • The United Nations General Assembly voted to reaffirm its support to Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders, unity, and strongly deplored Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.
  • The resolution titled ‘Aggression Against Ukraine’, was co-sponsored by around 100 UN member states including Canada, Afghanistan, Germany, France, Kuwait, Ireland, Turkey, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and the United States.
  • With 141 votes in favour, 35 abstentions, and five voting against it, the resolution was adopted.

India’s Stand

For all its nationals, including students still stranded in Ukraine, India demanded uninterrupted and safe passage.

India also abstained from the UN General Assembly’s vote on the resolution deploring the Russian aggression on Ukraine while reiterating that differences can only be resolved through diplomacy and dialogue. India also urged that all member states should demonstrate their commitment to the UN Charter’s principles, respect of sovereignty, international law, and territorial integrity of all states.

India has also sent humanitarian aid including medical equipment, medicines, and other relief material to Ukraine.

About UNGA

UNGA is one of the UN’s six principal organs, serving as the main policymaking, deliberative, and representative organ of the UN. UNGA is in charge of the UN budget, electing non-permanent members to the Security Council, appointing the UN Secretary-General, reviewing reports from other UN agencies, and making recommendations through resolutions. The only UN organ wherein all member states are represented equally is the UNGA. Abdulla Shahid is the President of UNGA.




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