The Joint Exercise of Pakistani and Chinese Air Force Shaheen was held at in Chinese city of Holton close to the Indian border near Ladakh. It was the eighth edition of the exercise since it was first launched in March 2001.

The statement by the Chinese Air Force stated that the joint training does not target any third party and aims to improve training standards of the two air forces through mutual learning.

Why India is concerned?

The Pakistanis had staged their fighters in the Skardu area of Gilgit Baltistan region before going into China. Due to the volatile situation owing to India’s withdrawal of special status to Kashmir had shadowed the clouds of possible attacks on Indian Territory.

Overshadow of developments in Kashmir

China had issues over Ladakh being declared as a Union Territory and Pakistan has been making a hue and cry over the changes made in Kashmir. After the withdrawal of special status to Kashmir and formation of Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh both China and Pakistan have expressed concerns over the decision. China was a key driver for UNSC hosting the informal meet over Kashmir.

The exercise which is touted as the means to enhance close relations between the all-weather allies is a cause of concern for India due to a remote possibility of a two-front war against India by the allies. Hence the joint exercise has drawn a sharp reaction from India, with the Indian Air Force claiming it will watch all developments closely.



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