Russian-Ukraine Crisis: India’s Stand in UNSC Draft Resolution

India abstained from a United Nations Security Council resolution sponsored by the United States that strongly condemned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. India stated that discussion is the only way to resolve differences and issues, and expressed regret that diplomacy was abandoned.


  • Russia, chaired the meeting as it holds the presidency for the month of February vetoed the resolution. China along with United Arab Emirates (UAE) has also abstained.
  • The UN Security Council voted on the draft resolution which was presented by Albania and the US and was co-sponsored by Estonia, Australia, Georgia, Finland, Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Norway, New Zealand, Romania Poland, and the United Kingdom and others.
  • The Council reaffirmed its support to Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and unity, within internationally recognized borders.
  • The resolution further stated that Russia must withdraw all of its military forces from Ukraine’s territory within its internationally recognized boundaries totally, immediately, and unconditionally.
  • It also demanded that Moscow unconditionally and immediately rescind its decision on the status given to specific sections of Ukraine’s Luhansk and Donetsk regions.
  • As Russia vetoed this resolution, even though the members voted for it, the resolution did not pass.

Why did India abstain from the resolution?

India did not support the resolution’s strong language that was used in condemning the actions of Russia. Since India has key partners on both sides, i.e. the Western bloc led by the United States and Russia, it aims to maintain a balance between both of them. India has always tried to maintain a balance between both sides and had earlier abstained from a procedural vote regarding the discussion of the Ukraine issue.

India, without naming Russia, said that the recent turn of events is deeply disturbing. India has appealed for the cessation of violence, with PM Modi having had a telephonic conversation regarding this. One of India’s main concerns was about the Indian nationals stuck in Ukraine and the ways they can be rescued. India also addressed territorial integrity, sovereignty, and international law and highlighted its importance in the current global situation. India has advocated diplomacy by highlighting that dialogue is the only way forward. T S Tirumurti, India’s Permanent Representative at the UN laid out these points in front of the council.




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