RDSO- India’s First Standard Developing Organization

Research Design & Standards Organization (RDSO) wing of Indian railways has become India’s first institution to be declared as Standard Developing Organization (SDO).


  • Standard Development Organisation tag was given under “One Nation One Standard” mission of Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • According to Railway Ministry, it is a unique initiative by two organizations under which Government of India will set a template for rest of India’s leading research & standard development organizations to adapt such standards.
  • BIS launched ‘National Standards Body’ scheme to attain government’s vision of “One Nation One Standard”.
  • National Standards Body Scheme also provides for “Recognition of SDO”.

About National Standards Body Scheme

BIS launched this scheme with the aim of aggregating and integrating existing capabilities and dedicated domain specific expertise which are available with various organizations of India engaged in standards development in specific sectors. It also allows convergence of all standard development activities of India enabling “One National Standard for One Subject”.

About RDSO

RDSO in Lucknow, is the sole Research and Design Wing of Railway Ministry. It is India’s leading standard formulating body that undertakes standardization work for railway sector.

What does SDO recognition mean?

With SDO recognition, standard formulation procedures of RDSO will become more focused on consensus-based decision making. It will extensively engage all stakeholders such as Industry, Academia, Test Houses, Users, Recognized Labs etc, in standard making process from initial stages. With this tag, competition among industries will increase resulting into reduction in cost & improvement in quality. It will also reduce import dependency and boost Make in India initiative.




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