Parli-Vajnath-Vikarabad Electrification Project

India is to achieve 100% electrification of Railways by 2024. The target has been achieved in five different Railway zones. The fifth zone to achieve this was the North Central Railways. Recently, the Vikarabad – Parli – Vaijnath line was electrified. This is a 268 km stretch. It is to benefit people in the states of Karnataka, Telangana, and Maharashtra.

About the project

The Vikarabad – Vajnath – Parli line runs through the states of Maharashtra (116 km), Karnataka (62 km), and Telangana (90km). The electrification of this line is important because the line connects the southern parts of India and places such as Shirdi, Pune, and Aurangabad.


The electrification of Railways helps to reduce the dependence on oil. This increases the revenue growth of the country. Simply by cutting down oil imports, India can save 77% of its energy expenses. India being the second most populous country, connectivity becomes expensive. In 2020, the Indian Railways carried more than 8 billion passengers and 1400 million tonnes of freight. It is the fourth largest railway system in the world after US, China, and Russia. Therefore, it is essential India cuts down its fuel cost spent on Railways.




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