India’s Unemployment Rate in January 2022

The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy recently released the unemployment report. According to the report, the unemployment in India was at 6.57% in January 2022. This is the lowest since March 2021. The improvement comes as the lock down restrictions was eased in the country.

Unemployment rate in January 2022

  • The unemployment in the urban regions was 8.16%. It was 5.84% in rural areas. In December 2021, the unemployment rate in the country was 7.91%. It was 9.3% in urban and 7.28% in rural.
  • Telangana had the lowest unemployment rate in January 2022. It was 0.7%. The second lowest was in Gujarat in 1.2%. the third lowest was in Meghalaya, 1.5% followed by Odisha (1.8%).
  • Haryana had the highest unemployment rate, 23.4%. The second highest was in Rajasthan (18.9%).
  • As of December 2021, the total number of unemployed in India is 53 million. Of this, the majority were women. Around 35% of the Indian population is actively looking for work. This includes 8 million women. Another 17 million people are unemployed. These people are willing to work if work was available. However, they were not actively looking for job opportunities.

Current Scenario

  • The educated and highly qualified are ready to take low paying jobs. On the other hand, the uneducated are willing to take whatever work comes their way.
  • Three – fourths of the workforce in the country is self-employed. They do not receive any social security benefits.
  • 2% of the workforce have secure jobs. They receive social security such as maternity benefits, health care benefits, retirement savings scheme.
  • 9% have formal jobs and access to at least one social security benefit.
  • 45% of salaried workers earn less than 9,750 rupees.


India is facing huge unemployment crisis in spite of its growth. The reason for this is India’s growth is only in service sector and not in manufacturing.




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