India Post delivers testing kits from ICMR

India Post has tied up with ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) to deliver COVID-19 testing kits to around 200 labs. These labs have been designated by the ICMR.


ICMR has planned to conduct 1 lakh COVID-19 tests per day all over the country. In order to achieve this, India Post with its 1,50,000 post offices has entered into an agreement with the ICMR.


India Post will help to reach remote places in the north eastern region such as Dungarpur, Jhalwar. Apart from this, it will also deliver the kits to other cities such as Imphal, Kolkata, Aizawl, Jodhpur, Rachi, Bhubaneshwar, Udaipur and Kota.

Other Steps by India Posts

India Posts like the Railways has been contributing greatly in serving the people during lock down. India Post had earlier been distributing food and ration, medicines, mails and financial assistance at door steps during lock down.

Delivery of Kits

The kits are delivered with a packing of dry ice.

Dry Ice

Dry Ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. It is used as cooling agent. The main advantage of dry ice is that its temperature is lower than that of water ice.

Dry ice is colourless and has a sour zesty odour. It is non-flammable.




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