India attends 7 nation meeting initiated by USA

On May 13, 2020, the External Affairs ministers represented India at the 7 nation meeting initiated by the United States.


The meeting was held on the same day, the US Senate passed an act directing the Secretary of the State to frame a strategy to make Taiwan an observer at the World Health Organization.

The meeting was held to gain support from the participating nations. It includes Australia, India, Brazil, Japan, Israel and Republic of Korea.

Why is the meet significant to India?

India is to hold the chair of the World Health Organization in May 2020 after Japan completes its tenure. India will continue to hold the chair for the next three years. This comes during the time when there are world wide criticisms faced by WHO. Especially the US, one of India’s primary trading partner, accused WHO being China-centric. It is to be noted that US has also cut the funds allocated to the WHO.


Experts believe that India has been caught in the spat between China and US. Currently Taiwan is ruled by the Republic of China (ROC). However, China claims Taiwan to be its part under its “One China Principle”. Taiwanese on the other hand want a separate land. It is to be noted that US and Taiwan have good economic and defence relations.




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