ICMR: Three Quasi-sub species of COVID-19 virus in circulation in India

On April 1, 2020, the Indian Council of Medical Research reported that three quasi sub species of COVID-19 virus are in circulation in the country. According to the council, they were imported variants.


In India, the COVID-19 cases originated from people with travel history. Hence, the virus was brought from outside India. So far, science has not discovered how the virus is behaving in other parts of the world. However, ICMR confirms that the virus in India has taken its variant form due to external and biological factors of the country and people living in the country. Currently, there are three variant forms of the virus in the country.

Current Scenario

When the spread of the virus and its area of spreading is wide as in the case of India, it is highly difficult to predict the trend of progression of COVID-19. According to ICMR, currently it is not possible to compare the progress of virus with other countries.

So far, 42,788 samples have been tested in India. This is just 36% of the capacity of the country. India is to make indigenous kits in a month and increase the rate of testing.




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