Delhi govt-Google to provide Real-Time Bus Tracking Service

Delhi government has partnered with tech giant Google to launch a system to enable commuters to access real-time information about buses.

Key Points

  • Google will be providing real time information including arrival time, departure time and their routes.
  • Deal was inked between Google & Delhi Transport Ministry to provide such information.
  • Under the deal, Users will get an estimation of how long their trip is going to take and if their bus is delayed.
  • Google Transit will automatically update times in line with new conditions.
  • Currently, status of 3,000 buses is live and more DTC buses will be integrated soon.

Significance of the move

  • This deal will provide seamless, real-time information about public transport.
  • People will be able to plan their journeys to minute and cute waiting time. It will also reduce crowding at bus stops.
  • It will also encourage several transit apps to tap into open data portal of transport department which in turn will create innovative solutions to make Delhi’s public transport system a default choice for everyone.

How this project will work?

Once the project is implemented, static & dynamic location data of Delhi buses will be available in real-time. Passenger will get information of all the routes, bus stops, bus arrival & departure times and bus numbers. Delay time will also be updated.


Delhi government had published Open Transit Data in 2018 with technical support of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi. Open transit data was published to provide real-time data such as geo-coordinates of all bus stops, route maps, timetables and real-time GPS feeds of bus locations. These data could be used by third-party app developers and researchers.




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