Committee to examine competition law for digital companies

With digital technologies blooming exponentially, the need for regulating e-commerce and other digital competitions becomes vital. Today, the competition in the commercial market is governed by Competition Act, of 2002. The act does not give in enough for the digital market. The Competition Commission of India is to examine the rules and regulations required for digital competitions in the country. It will decide upon legislating Digital Competition Law.

Committee on Digital competition

The CCI has constituted a ten-member committee to study the requirement of the digital competition law and give suggestions regarding competition norms.

Functions of the committee

  • To look into the challenges emerging from the digital economy
  • Study international practices regarding the digital competition regulation
  • Review practices being followed by the significant digital market stakeholders
  • To create a draft of the Digital Competition Act
  • List the potential harm caused to the digital markets

Committee Members

CCI Chairperson, Khaitan and Co CEO, NASSCOM co-founders, and others


It works under Corporate Affairs Ministry. The members of the CCI are appointed by the GoI. The main objective of the committee is to remove practices that are causing harm to healthy competition. Also, it protects the consumers.




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