Antarctica heads towards Climate Tipping Point by 2060

A new study states that Antarctica ices sheets are headed towards Climate Tipping Points by 2060.

Climate Tipping in Antarctica

There are several ice shelves in Antarctica. As these ice shelves break up, the towering ice cliffs may not be able to stand on their own. The study found that these ice shelves are breaking at a faster rate. How? The ice sheets and shelves of Antarctica are grounded on the bed rocks that slope inwards towards the centre of the continent. The warming of ocean waters is melting their lower edges. This might destabilize them creating open fractures. Open fractures speed up the melting process as more ice areas are exposed to warmer temperatures. Thus, it is concluded that Antarctica is moving towards irreversible climate changes, that is, it is moving toward its Climate Tipping Points.

Climate Tipping Point

Climate Tipping Point is the threshold that leads to large changes in the state of the system.

The fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) defined Climate Tipping Point as the irreversible change in the climate system. It is often referred to as runaway Climate Change. However, it is not same as that of the Runaway Greenhouse Effect.

Runaway Greenhouse Effect

It occurs when the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of the planet prevents the planet from cooling. It is an extreme Green House Effect. It creates irreversible climate state. The Runway Greenhouse effect is so extreme that the oceans boil away and renders the planet uninhabitable. It is an irreversible climate state. This happened in Venus.




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