Air India’s New Software for Real – Time Reporting of In – flight Incidents

Coruson is cloud software developed by a UK-based company called Ideagen. Air India is to use this software to increase its safety management. Coruson will help Air India in reporting in–flight incidents. And this is to be done on a real-time basis.

What is the plan?

Air India is to provide the crew members with iPads. The Coruson will be installed on those devices as well.


Recently, there were many criticisms of delayed reporting. This includes the Urination incident as well. Following the incident, the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) imposed a fine on Air India.

What is a Urination incident?

During a flight from New York to Delhi, a man on an Air India flight urinated on a co-passenger. The incident was reported very late. The issue had exploded by the time the crew landed.


The Coruson will help Air India get complete visibility of the entire operation of its flights. This includes customer boarding, food served, rules followed, cabin crew activities, and all other sorts of activities that happen during the flight. With this, Air India can find where it is lagging and also solve issues quickly. The main objective is to keep the passengers safe and comfortable during the flight. This will help to boost the revenue of Air India.


Air India was disinvested to the TATA Group. The TATA Group has been introducing several changes to Air India which was facing heavy losses. It was joined with Vistara airlines. VISTARA is joint collaboration of Air India and Singapore Airlines. Also, the in – Flight alcohol service policy was modified.




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