Today’s GK Questions (Static GK/GS) – March 30, 2019

Here are 10 GK questions for today, March 30, 2019 for various competitive exams in India.

1. With which among the following places, the twenty third Jain Tirthankara was associated?

[A] Vaishali
[B] Kausambi
[C] Varanasi
[D] Sravasti

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2. Which among the following peaks is known as “Five Treasures of Great Show”?

[A] Lhotse
[B] Godwin Austen
[C] Kanchenjunga
[D] Dhaulagiri

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3. Who among the following established the Ved Samaj in Madras in 1864?

[A] Keshabchandra Sen
[B] Lokhitwadi
[C] Shibnath Shastri
[D] Debendranath Tagore

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4. The famous World Heritage Site “Basilica of Bom Jesus” is located in which among the following places in India?

[A] Pondichery
[B] Mahe
[C] Daman
[D] Goa

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5. Amazon river is the largest river in the world by volume and has the largest drainage basin in the world. This accounts for approximately what fraction of the world’s total river flow?

[A] 10%
[B] 20%
[C] 30%
[D] 40%

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6. Under which of the following articles rule of law embodied under Article 14 of Indian constitution can be amended?

[A] Article 354
[B] Article 358
[C] Article 360
[D] Article 368

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7. In context with banking, what is the correct full form of ADF?

[A] Automatic Debt Function
[B] Automatic Data Function
[C] Automated Data Flow
[D] Additional Debt Finance

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8. Which of the following is the composition of vinegar?

[A] 65-75% solution of acetic acid in water
[B] 45-60% solution of acetic acid in water
[C] 28-35% solution of acetic acid in water
[D] 5-8% solution of acetic acid in water

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9. Who among the following was the son of Chandragupta Maurya?

[A] Bindusara
[B] Chandragupta II
[C] Ashoka
[D] Binbsara

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10. Retina in the eyes acts as which of the following parts of the camera?

[A] Lens of the camera
[B] Shutter of the camera
[C] Film of the camera
[D] None of these

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