Today’s GK Questions (Static GK/GS) – March 21, 2019

Here are 10 GK questions for today, March 21, 2019 for various competitive exams in India.

1. Which of the following statements is incorrect about the Planet Mars?

[A] It has two permanent polar ice caps
[B] After the Moon, it is the brightest object in our night sky
[C] Liquid water cannot exist on the surface of Mars due to low atmospheric pressure
[D] Mars is less dense than Earth

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2. Which range does Indus river originates from?

[A] Rohtang pass Himalayas
[B] South eastern part of Kashmir
[C] Northern slopes of Kailash Range
[D] Eastern slopes of Kailash Range

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3. Gandhar art is a combination of ____________ ?

[A] Indian Style + Greek Style
[B] Greek Style + Kushan Style
[C] Indian Style + Kushan Style
[D] Indian Style + Persian Style

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4. Which among the following does not go with Progressive taxation?

[A] ability to pay
[B] administrative convenience
[C] in built stabilizer
[D] will to work and save

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5. Year 1921 is known as a year of “Great Divide” in the demographic history of India. After that in which decade there was a slight dip in the rate of decadal population growth in India?

[A] 1921-31
[B] 1931-41
[C] 1941-51
[D] 1951-61

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6. Which among the following is popularly known as mercantile law of India ?

[A] Contract Law
[B] Law of Torts
[C] Labour Law
[D] Property Law

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7.  Who among the following women was famous in India as “Dalda 13” ?

[A] Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
[B] Homai Vyarawalla
[C] Sucheta Kriplani
[D] Indira Gandhi

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8. In which of the following applications are analog computers used?

[A] Measurement of Electric Current
[B] Measurement of Frequency
[C] Measurement of Resistance of a Capacitor
[D] All of the above

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9. Which of the following non-metals is used to make antiseptic?

[A] Sulphur
[B] Bromine
[C] Chlorine
[D] Iodine

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10. Which among the following is more required by the Growing children?

[A] Proteins
[B] Carbohydrates
[C] Vitamins
[D] All of these

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