Telangana’s Teja chilli

The Teja Chilli of Telangana is the most popular chilli in many countries. Despite high international demand, the farmers of Teja Chilli are facing heavy losses. They are struggling to recover their investment.


Khammam Agriculture market is one of the biggest chilli markets in Telangana. It is the largest producer of Teja Chilli. The Teja Chilli is the major ingredient of Oleoresin. Oleoresin is a chilli extract used in food processing units in Asia. Demand for Oleoresin increases the demand for Teja chilli in Asia.

About Teja Chilli

The chilli is a sub-variety of Guntur Chillies. Of all the Guntur Chilli varieties, the Teja Chilli is the finest. Other Guntur Chilli varieties are Madhubala, Bedki, Roshni, Ankur, etc.

Export destinations of Teja Chilli

Sri Lanka, Latin America, USA, UK, South Korea, Middle East, Bangladesh

SHU Range of Teja Chilli

SHU means Scoville Heat Units. It gives the amount of Capsaicin present in a food product. Capsaicin is a chemical compound that gives a pungent flavour. Higher the SHU, the hotter the food product. SHU in chillies and pepper are very high. Chillies with higher SHU have high demand in the international market.

The SHU of Teja Chilli is 60,000 to 1,10,000. VERY HOT and HIGHLY PUNGENT

Reasons for the high demand for Teja Chilli

The Teja chilli is thin and very light in weight. A small quantity is enough to make the food hot and spicy. For this reason, the demand of the chill is high.



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