Telangana – UP Potato Ban

The Telangana Government recently banned the potatoes from Uttar Pradesh. Can a State Government do this? Do state government hold such powers? Yes. The Trade and Commerce is a State Subject under the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution.

What happened?

Around 2,500 kg of potatoes are transported from UP to Telangana every day. Telangana government has now banned the potatoes imported from UP. This was done for two reasons. One, UP is exporting old stocks. Two, Telangana has become self sufficient in potato production. Telangana prefers freshly in grown potatoes (that is potatoes grown within the state) to the old stocks from UP.

Why is UP sending old stocks?

The farmers in UP sow potatoes during October to November. They harvest during Feb – Mar. They sell only one – fifth of the harvest in Mar. They store the rest in cold storages till November end. They then export the stored potatoes to other states throughout the year. Thus, UP has enough old stocks to send to other states throughout the year.

Why are other states not following UP strategy?

The UP potatoes are long grown, five to six months. The potatoes grown in other states such as HP, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Punjab are short grown, less than 60 to 75 days. Thus, only UP potatoes can be stored till November at two to four degrees Celsius. And the short-grown potatoes cannot be stored for longer time. UP potatoes are actually more nutritious for their longer growing period!

Why did Telangana ban UP potatoes?

Telangana has increased the potato acreage. It is now producing 3,500 to 4,000 acres of potatoes. The state has become the second largest paddy producer, third largest cotton producer. This is mainly because Telangana increased its irrigation. They are now producing fresh potatoes, of lesser growth period that can be sold within four to five days of harvest. Mostly, baby potatoes!



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