Tamil Nadu Water Resources Conservation and Augmentation Mission

The state of Tamil Nadu which is battling the water crisis especially in the capital Chennai has taken a step towards addressing the challenge comprehensively by instituting Tamil Nadu Water Resources Conservation and Augmentation Mission.

About the Mission

  • It would be a people-led movement to conserve and manage water and to ensure that water crises do not recur.
  • The government will be holding a week-long campaign to convert the Mission into a people’s movement.
  • The Mission will emphasise on rainwater harvesting and conservation of water bodies to increase their capacity.
  • Further the capacities of small irrigation tanks, ponds and lakes will be increased and the works will be carried out through the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.
  • A committee headed by Chief-Minister will evolve a plan for execution.
  • At the district level, collectors will head this movement.
  • Water Conservation Boards will be created at ward level in urban areas and at village and panchayat union level in rural areas.
  • The mission will also emphasise on the participation of woman.

Components of the Mission

  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Protecting water resources and increasing its storage capacity.
  • Sustaining drinking water supply by fortifying groundwater table.
  • Increasing efficient use of water in agriculture and its allied sectors besides implementing rainwater harvesting for rain-fed cultivation.
  • Reducing the requirement of freshwater by using recycled water.
  • Redeeming the ecosystem of rivers, Important coastal areas and water bodies in estuaries, marshlands etc.

As part of the Mission, the government will also continue the efforts to link Godavari and Cauvery rivers along with the executing new schemes for fortifying groundwater table in the areas identified as ‘overexploited’ and ‘critical’.

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