Sustainable Green Airports Mission

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has taken a significant step towards sustainability and carbon neutrality with the launch of its publication, “Sustainable Green Airports Mission.” The booklet was unveiled by Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Union Minister of Civil Aviation, on World Environment Day. The publication highlights the various initiatives undertaken by AAI to promote sustainable practices and reduce its carbon footprint.

Objectives of the Booklet

The primary objective of the “Sustainable Green Airports Mission” is to document and inform stakeholders about AAI’s sustainability initiatives. It serves as a comprehensive platform to track progress, encourage knowledge sharing, and seek cooperation for enhancing efficient and sustainable airport operations. The booklet aligns with the Panchamrit goals set by the Prime Minister of India at COP26, focusing on sustainability and carbon neutrality.

Sustainability Initiatives at AAI Airports

SUGAM showcases the remarkable initiatives taken by AAI airports in promoting sustainability. AAI has developed a roadmap to transition from fossil fuel-based energy to green power from renewable sources. With the aim of reducing the carbon footprint, AAI plans to optimize energy efficiency, increase onsite solar capacity, and explore other renewable energy options. Notably, AAI already meets around two-thirds of its energy requirements through renewable sources.

Solar Plants and Renewable Energy

AAI has taken significant steps to encourage the usage of green energy at its airports. Solar plants with a combined commissioned capacity of 55 MWp have been installed and commissioned across 42 AAI airports, enabling these airports to run on 100% renewable energy. This adoption of renewable energy sources not only reduces carbon emissions but also sets an example for other airports to follow suit.

Driving Towards Net Zero Emissions

The “Sustainable Green Airports Mission” encapsulates the Union Government’s vision of updated 2030 Nationally Determined Contributions and the long-term goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2070. The booklet aims to promote transparency and knowledge sharing among airports, inspiring them to contribute to the collective goal of achieving net zero emissions. AAI’s sustainability initiatives pave the way for a greener aviation industry.



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