State University Research Excellence (SERB-SURE) scheme

Science and Engineering Research Board’s- State University Research Excellence (SERB-SURE) scheme was recently launched to increase the research capabilities in a structured way, in a bid to create a powerful R&D ecosystem in state as well as private universities & colleges. Scheme would also cater to self-financed institutions operational within these universities.

About State University Research Excellence (SERB-SURE):

  • SEUB-SURE is a new innovative scheme of the SERB, which is a statutory body of Department of Science and Technology (DST).
  • This scheme will encourage collaboration for high-end research across state & private universities and colleges.
  • It will help in bringing the university system into mainstream research, and enable young faculty to participate in cutting-edge research.
  • It would also extend support to data-driven social science research.
  • Faculties of state universities (45% in rural areas), would get opportunities for research, as a part of this scheme.
  • Universities with local background would be able to take ground-level research, that in turn would benefit the local industry and local farmers.

Under this scheme, state universities would get level competition in a bid to secure research funding. They would also provide opportunities to strengthen research ecosystem across state universities, in order to upgrade research capabilities to national and international levels.

Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB):

SERB is a statutory body, working under Department of Science and Technology. It was set up in 2009, through SERB ACT, 2008. It is chaired by Secretary to Government of India in Department of Science and Technology.  It was set up to promote basic research in science and engineering as well as to give financial assistance to scientists, academic institutions, industrial concerns and R&D laboratories.



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