Smart City Mission: Mass Disinfection of public places by GoI

The Government of India has undertaken a mass programme to disinfect cities under the Smart Cities Mission. Under this programme, the public places such as markets, streets, parks, playgrounds and shopping precincts are being disinfected under smart city programme


The Covid-19 virus gets inactivated easily with chemical disinfectants. The public places are being sanitized since the lock down that was announced on March 25, 2020.

Smart Steps under Smart City Programme

The smart city governments have collaborated with fire departments. The fire tenders and water wash pumps are being used to sanitize the streets. This is done by spraying disinfectants in the streets.

The vegetable markets were operational in cities to facilitate the availability of essential supplies in the country. In these places, hand washing facilities have been provided.

Some smart cities have adopted innovative solutions such as disinfection of public places using sodium hypochlorite. Also, some smart cities have implemented disinfection tunnels. These tunnels are temporary structures. When people enter these tunnels, they are disinfected completely. These tunnels are adopted in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu.

The city of Surat has adopted broom sprayers. Certain other cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai and Raipur have adopted drone technologies to disinfect the public places.


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