Samudra Prahari’s Visit to Thailand

On September 20, 2023, the Indian Coast Guard’s Pollution-Control Vessel ‘Samudra Prahari’ showcased its maritime proficiency during a comprehensive Pollution Response Table-Top exercise and demonstration at Khlong Toei Port in Bangkok, Thailand. This marked the culmination of the vessel’s four-day visit to Thailand, which aimed to foster cooperation, address shared challenges, and promote environmental responsibility.

Promoting Regional Cooperation

The Pollution Response Table-Top exercise was the highlight of ‘Samudra Prahari’s’ visit. It sought to tackle maritime pollution challenges and test Thailand’s Maritime Pollution Response contingency plan in collaboration with the Indian Coast Guard. The exercise not only demonstrated India’s commitment to regional cooperation but also facilitated knowledge sharing among personnel from various Thai government agencies.

Yoga Session for Unity and Well-being

As a symbol of unity and well-being, a joint yoga session was held during the visit. It emphasized the importance of yoga in daily life and further strengthened the bonds of friendship and cooperation between India and Thailand.

Environmental Responsibility at Pattaya Beach

During their stay, ‘Samudra Prahari’ and representatives from the Embassy of India took part in an international beach clean-up initiative at Pattaya Beach. This activity aligned with the Puneet Sagar Abhiyan campaign, aiming to raise awareness about environmental responsibility. The beach clean-up focused on removing plastic and waste materials from the shore, involving local Thai youth organizations.

High-Level Discussions

Commanding Officer DIG GD Raturi engaged in discussions with Rear Admiral Wichnu Thupa-ang, addressing the growing relations between India and Thailand in the realm of maritime safety and security. Their meeting underscored the collaboration between the Indian Coast Guard and Thai-MECC (Thai Maritime Enforcement Coordinating Center).

India’s Maritime Diplomacy

The visit of ‘Samudra Prahari’ in the context of the India-ASEAN Initiative of Overseas Deployment highlights India’s commitment to maritime diplomacy. It showcases India as a dependable maritime partner in the region, aligning with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Security & Growth for All in the Region’ (SAGAR).

Significance of the India-ASEAN Initiative

The India-ASEAN Initiative of Overseas Deployment was announced by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh during the ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Plus meeting in Cambodia in November 2022. This initiative underscores India’s dedication to enhancing maritime cooperation with ASEAN nations, further strengthening regional ties.



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