Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act, 2016

The Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act of 2016 is a significant legislation aimed at enforcing a complete ban on the sale, consumption, and transportation of liquor and intoxicants within the state. Over time, the law has undergone several amendments to address various challenges and improve its effectiveness.

Enforcing Complete Prohibition

The Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act, 2016, is a law that imposes a comprehensive ban on the sale, consumption, and transportation of liquor and intoxicants in Bihar. Its primary objective is to promote social welfare and address issues such as domestic violence and crimes against women.

Recent Modification: Vehicle Release

A noteworthy recent change in Bihar’s prohibition law pertains to the release of vehicles impounded for transporting liquor. Previously, individuals were required to pay 50% of the insurance cover to secure the release of their impounded vehicles. However, the state Cabinet has recently reduced this amount to a mere 10% of the insurance cover, with a maximum cap of Rs 5 lakh.

Previous Amendments

The prohibition law has witnessed several amendments in the past. These amendments include the provision for the release of first-time drinkers on the spot, subject to a fine. Additionally, the confiscation of the offender’s home has been reversed, and compensation has been restored to hooch victims. These amendments were aimed at addressing concerns regarding the law’s impact on individuals and communities.

Reasons for Frequent Changes

The Bihar prohibition law has undergone frequent amendments due to various factors. The lack of interest from other states in adopting a similar blanket ban on liquor, ineffective implementation of the law, criticism from courts and opposition parties, and diminishing political expediency have collectively contributed to the need for continuous adjustments.



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