Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme 2023

The Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme 2023 was approved recently by the Delhi Chief Minister. It marks a significant milestone in the regulation of cab-aggregators and delivery service providers.

Enhancing Passenger Safety

With a primary focus on passenger safety, the Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme 2023 mandates aggregators to install panic buttons in their vehicles and integrate them with the emergency helpline 112 (Delhi Police). These measures ensure enhanced passenger security and facilitate prompt responses in case of emergencies, fostering a safer and more secure transportation ecosystem.

Transitioning Towards Electric Vehicles

The scheme endeavors to stimulate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) as a sustainable transportation alternative. By providing incentives for transitioning from conventional vehicles to EVs, the scheme aligns with the broader objective of mitigating pollution in Delhi. Notably, the per-vehicle license fee for conventional vehicles will be substantially higher than that for electric vehicles. This financial incentive encourages fleet operators to embrace EVs, contributing to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly transport system.

Scope and Requirements

The Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme 2023 encompasses entities engaged in operating, onboarding, or managing fleets of motor vehicles for passenger or delivery services through digital or electronic means. This comprehensive scope ensures that all relevant entities fall under the regulatory framework, promoting transparency, accountability, and standardized practices within the sector.

Advancing the Electric Mobility Ecosystem

Beyond the promotion of electric vehicles, the scheme establishes provisions for bike taxis and rent-a-bike services. It mandates that all bike taxis and two-wheeler rental services within the city operate exclusively using electric two-wheelers. This alignment with the Delhi EV Policy 2020 strengthens the electric mobility ecosystem by encouraging the adoption of clean and sustainable transportation alternatives.

Leadership in Electric Vehicle Adoption

The Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme 2023 sets a groundbreaking precedent in India, making Delhi government the first in the country to mandate the transition of commercial vehicles from conventional fuels to electric power. This forward-thinking approach exemplifies Delhi’s commitment to environmental sustainability and serves as a catalyst for other regions, accelerating the widespread adoption of electric vehicles across the country.



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