Russia: White Swan Strategic Missile Bomber

The Russian defence forces recently unveiled a new Tupolev Tu-160M. It is a missile bomber. It is also known as “White Swan”.

About White Swan

  • The White Swan can fly at an altitude of 600 metres. The bomber has been designed to carry nuclear war heads. It is one of the most heaviest supersonic miliary aircraft.
  • The White Swan has been unveiled while Russia – NATO tensions are at the peak due to Ukraine crisis.
  • It can carry 34 tonnes of load. The bomber can deliver 24 cruise missiles. It can trace 14,000 km without refuelling.
  • The machine can be in the sky for more than a day during combat duties.

How is White Swan related to Ukraine crisis?

The White Swans are the remodelled Tu-160. The Tu-160 was developed by Soviet Union. After disintegration of Soviet Union in 1991, the 194th regiment remained with Ukraine. And so did some of the Tu-160 missile carriers. These carriers stood idle for several years. In 1998, US companies cut the missile carriers to be used as scrap metal. Now amidst tensions, Russia is unveiling an advanced version of Tu-160, that is, Tupolev Tu-160, that is, White Swan or Black Jack.

Key Features

  • It is a supersonic bomber. It is the largest and heaviest Mach 2+ military bomber built in the world.
  • It was designed by Tupolev and built by Kazan Aircraft Production Association.

White Swan is a heavy bomber

It is capable of delivering largest payload. They have the longest range. The heavy bombers were superseded by the strategic bombers in the latter half of 20th century.

NATO Reporting Name: Black Jack

The NATO reporting names are the names of military equipment of China, Russia and Eastern Bloc. Eastern Bloc are Russia and other countries of Warsaw Pact. They provide easy English names to the military equipment designed by these countries. The NATO Reporting Name of White Swan is Black Jack.



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