Romain Rolland’ Book Prize

The Bengali translation of the French novel “Meursault, contre- enquête” (The Meursault Investigation) was awarded the Romain Rolland Book Prize 2022. This year’s award is the 5th edition of this book prize.

Who is the writer of the novel “Meursault, contre- enquête?”

This is Algerian journalist and writer Kamel Daoud’s debut novel.

Who received the Romain Rolland Book Prize 2022?

This prize was awarded to publisher Esha Chatterjee and translator Trinanjan Chakraborty of Patra Bharati. It is one of the leading publishers of prestigious Bengali books. Patra Bharati has received this award for the first time. Both the publisher and translator will be visiting the Paris Book Fair 2023 (Livre Paris 2023) as part of this prize.

When was this award given?

This award was given during the “French Literary Festival-French LitFest 2022” that was held at Bikaner House, New Delhi on 7th May 2022. The French Institute in India had organized this award ceremony.

When was the prize established?

In the year 2017, the Romain Rolland Book Prize was established to honour the best translation of French literature into any Indian language as well as English.

The prize jury is composed of whom?

The jury for this prize consists of professors from different French and Indian universities. Also, literary translators from India and France are also present to assess the translated work’s quality. The jury is chaired by the French Embassy in India.



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