Robots being tried to Ease Social Care Burden in UK

The researchers at Heriot-Watt University have programmed robots in order to perform tasks normally carried out by the care workers. This comes after a surge in loneliness among vulnerable groups during the coronavirus pandemic.

The experiment, named Ambient Assisted Living, will primarily focus on finding solutions for priority groups, whose vulnerabilities have been compounded by social isolation measures required during the pandemic. For this research, the robots have been put to work in a university laboratory configured to resemble a standard apartment including a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room.

The robots are being prepared to perform basic household tasks for those who have lost their vision or hearing or suffer from dementia, etc. The project, if successful, will ease the pressure on care workers who are often burdened with a lot of work.

The project will trial invisible signal and sensor technology used to monitor the behaviour of the participant, vital signs and constant state of health. The response to the project has been very positive till now.


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