Quiz 554: General Awareness for Banking Examinations

1. The Japanese art “Ikebana” is related to which among the following?
[A]Flower Decoration
[B]Wall Painting
[C]Chorus Dance

2. Who among the follwoing is known to have mooted the idea of Food Coupons?
[A]C Rangrajan
[B]V Subbarao
[C]Nandan Nilkeni
[D]Kaushik Basu

3. Singhe-Khababs Festival is celebrated in which among the following states of India?
[A]Jammu & Kashmir
[B]Himachal Pradesh

4. Where is the main bench of National Green Tribunal ?

5. Consider the following statements about the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY):
1. The food grains included in this scheme are ONLY Rice and Wheat
2. Any BPL family is eligible to get 35 kg grains under AAY every month
3. Central Government bears all the costs including the Distribution Costs
Which among the above statements is/ are correct?
[A]Only 1 & 2
[B]Only 2 & 3
[C]1, 2 & 3
[D]Only 1

6. Consider the following statements about the GST council in the Constitution 115th Amendment Bill:
1. GST Council is to be headed by finance minister with members from states
2. GST Council is to make recommendations the taxes to be levied, goods to be exempted, GST rate etc.
3. GST Council is to adjudicate any dispute or complaint
Which among the above statements is / are correct ?
[A]Only 1 & 2 are correct
[B]Only 2 & 3 are correct
[C]Only 1 is correct
[D]All are correct

7. Consider the following statements about the Saraswati Samman of KK Birla Foundation:
1. The Award is annual
2. Jury is headed by a former Chief Justice of India
3. Selects only Indian Citizens
4. Selects writers from all Indian Languages
Which among the above statements is / are correct?
[B]1 & 2
[C]1, 2 & 3
[D]1, 2, 3 & 4

8. What name has been given to the Elected House of the Territorial Administration as per the recent tripartite pact signed for Gorkhaland Territorial Administration?

9. Who among the following is known for the famous quote “an uncontrolled pen serves but to destroy”.?
[A]Jawahar Lal Nehru
[B]Mahatma Gandhi
[C]Leo Tolstoy
[D]Rabindranath Tagore

10. Before it was transferred to Agriculture Insurance Company of India Ltd, the National Agricultural Insurance Scheme was being implemented by which among the following companies?
[A]General Insurance Corporation of India
[B]Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.
[C]New India Assurance Company Ltd.
[D]National Insurance Company Ltd

11. ” Income generated from Tourism” can be placed in which among the following?
[A]Invisible Import
[B]Invisible Export
[C]Visible Import
[D]Visible Export

12. Which among the following airlines of India recently joined Arab Air Carriers Organisation (AACO) as the first Partner India Airline of this regional airline association?
[A]Air India
[B]Jet Airways

13. Christine Lagarde, the new MD of IMF belongs to which among the following countries?

14. ‘Gir Kesar’ , which has been recently given the Geographical Indication (GI) tag, is a famous variety of which among the following?

15. Which among the following states of India is running the Dhanwantari Yojana in the healthcare sector?
[C]Madhya Pradesh
[D]Uttar Pradesh

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  • gp

    sir pls explain the question 11th

  • psharma.in

    Explanation for Q-11:

    Tourism can be inferred as selling of services to foreign nationals, hence it qualifies to be called an export. However, the services are not delivered in a foreign country, rather people come to our country for it, that is why it is called an Invisible Export.
    This category includes Education and Medical Tourism as well.

  • v1

    from where to get questions on general awareness for bank p.o???

  • jeevan moud

    sir plz explain question num. 6.

  • GAURAv

    nice……..tx alot

  • Neha Pandey

    thanx a lot…..

  • babooki

    Good Qusetions

  • arun

    @Q11.’Invisible export’ is a term coined by economists to generally refer to non-tangible goods i.e. the service sector.
    It can relate to financial or business acumen where a persons skill and knowledge is what is ‘sold’ rather than a piece of software or books. Similarly it can relate to tourism.

  • hasan

    gd questions og banking gk

  • aman chalana


  • jay

    in the last question The Government of Rajasthan developed the Dhanvantri Ambulance Service Yojana