Quiz 526 for UPSC Examinations

Consider the following states:
  1. Tripura
  2.  Mizoram
  3. Meghalaya
  4. Manipur
The correct order of increasing area of the above states is shown by which among the following?
The mean elevation of Antarctica is near to which among the following values?
The Wakhan Corridor makes a land link between which among the following two neighbors?
Who started first Marathi newspaper Bombay Darpan in 1832?
Consider the following Pollution Diseases of Japan:
  1. Minamata Disease
  2. Itai-Itai Disease
Which among the following is the correct set of causing agents of these diseases?
Consider the following statements:
  1. After death of Raja Rammohun Roy, Debendra nath Tagore had undertaken the job of revitalizing and reorganizing the Brahmo Samaj
  2. Debendra nath Tagore had established the Adi Brahmo Samaj for this purpose
Which among the above statements is/ are correct?
Consider the following:
  1. Hypercalcaemia
  2.  Hypercalciuria
  3. Hypocalcaemia
Which among the above Calcium related abnormalities are related to endocrine system of the blood?
In context with the Indian music, Abhang are the devotional songs dedicated to which among the following gods?


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      some work is going on to zero in on some better way to present the explanations. Thanks for your comment.

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