Python 5 Air to Air Missile

The Defence Research and Development Organisation recently test fired a series of missile trials. It included the Derby missiles and the Python missiles. The missiles were test fired in Goa and achieved 100% hits.

With this the DRDO announced that the Python 5 Air to Air Missile has been successfully added to the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas.

Python 5

  • It is the fifth generation Python missile.
  • It is an air to air missile built by the Israeli weapon manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defence Systems.
  • The Israeli Government began manufacturing missiles in the name of “Shafir”. Later as it started exporting missiles it selected a western name “Python” or “Derby”.
  • The Python-5 is currently the most capable Air to air missile in the inventory of Israel.
  • It is beyond visual range missile. The Beyond Visual Range missiles are those missiles that are capable of engaging at ranges beyond 37 km.
  • It features an advanced seeker that includes Electro-Optical and Image Infrared Homing.
  • The Python 5 is capable to scan for the target area for the hostile aircraft and then locks on for terminal chase.
  • It was first used in 2006 Lebanon war. It destroyed two Iran made UAVs.
  • Speed of the missile is Mach 4.
  • It weighs 11 kilograms


  • Just like Python, it was also made by Rafael of Israel. In fact, Python 5 is an advanced version of Derby.
  • It is also a Beyond Visual Range Missile.

It is active radar homing missile. An Active Radar Homing Missile is a missile that contains a radar transceiver to find and track the target autonomously.


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