GNCTD (Amendment) Act comes into force in Delhi

On April 27, 2021, the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Act, 2021 came into effect. The act was passed by the Parliament during the budget session. The act gives more power to Lieutenant Governor (LG).

Key Provisions

  • The act proposed that the word “Government” in National Capital Territory of Delhi meant the LG of Delhi.
  • It provides discretionary powers to the LG even in matters where the Delhi Legislature is empowered to make laws.
  • The act seeks to ensure that the LG is granted an opportunity to give his opinion before a decision made by the Council of Ministers is implemented.
  • The LG opinion should be obtained before the Delhi Government takes action based on decisions taken by the Cabinet.
  • It bars the Legislative Assembly of Delhi from making rules related to day-to-day administration.

Administration inf Delhi

The National Capital Region is administered with a legislature that came in to existence in 1991. The Delhi Legislature was constituted under Article 239AA of the Constitution. By law, the Delhi Legislature has all powers to make laws in matters except public order, land and police.


The law will take away the autonomy of the Delhi Government.

Supreme Court on Delhi Legislative Assembly

  • In 2018, the Supreme Court pronounced that the LG’s concurrence is not required on issues other than police, land and public order.
  • The SC had also said that the LG of Delhi is not like a Governor in other states. He is an administrator.


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