Punjab Government constitutes Revenue Commission

Punjab government has notified six-member Revenue Commission with an aim to bring greater efficiency and accountability in functioning of t Revenue Department. The Commission will be headed by (Retd.) Justice SS Saron of Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Terms of References

The commission will streamline existing laws, procedures and processes relating to land administration, in line with requirements of land for use of agriculture and industry. It will propose new laws and procedures, along with other methods, to make revenue administration more transparent and responsive to the needs of the people.
It will examine need for new Acts or amendment of existing laws to legalize land lease practices in order to provide a firm basis for a modern high value agriculture and horticulture in place of current mono culture of wheat-paddy.
It will have mandate to review organizational structure of revenue related aspirations, expectations, needs and requirements of contemporary Punjabi society. It will suggest norms of population, area etc. for all administrative units such as division, sub-division, tehsil, sub-tehsil and district.


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