Land Revenue

NITI Aayog releases Draft Model Act on Land Titles

On October 30, 2020, NITI Aayog released Draft Model Act and rules for states on land titling. This has been introduced to reduce litigations. In turn, the process of land acquisition will get eased. Key Features The Model Act and ..


Punjab Government constitutes Revenue Commission

Punjab government has notified six-member Revenue Commission with an aim to bring greater efficiency and accountability in functioning of t Revenue Department. The Commission will be headed by (Retd.) Justice SS Saron of Punjab and Haryana High Court. Terms of ..


Land Ceiling and Consolidation of Land Holdings in India

The land ceiling acts define the size of land that an individual/family can own. In India, by 1961-62, all the state governments have passed the land ceiling acts. But the ceiling limits varied from state to state. To bring uniformity ..

Constitutional Provisions on Land and Land Reforms in India

The constitution of India has included the Land reform in State subjects. The Entry 18 of the State List is related to land and rights over the land. The state governments are given the power to enact laws over matters ..

Difference between Land Reforms and Agrarian Reforms

Land reforms refers to a wide variety of specific programmes and measures to bring about more effective control and use of land for the benefit of the community as a whole. Land reforms generally comprise the takeover of land by ..

Impact of British Policy on Indian Agriculture and Land

The British Era is also known as a period of commercial revolution in the agricultural sector. Commercialization of agriculture was coincident with Industrial revolution and became prominent around 1860 A.D. This brought about a change from cultivation for home consumption ..